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    • Cover_Societal_pessimism_RGB_hires

      Societal Pessimism


      A Study of its Conceptualization, Causes, Correlates and Consequences

    • Trust_life satyisfaction_Voorkant

      Trust, life satisfaction and opinions on immigration in 15 European countries


      This publication is based on the most recent data from the European Social Survey (ESS), a large-scale biennial study of attitudes and values. It devotes special attention to attitudes towards immigration as measured in the seven rounds of the ESS that have been fielded since 2002, and which were measured in greater depth in the 2002/2003...

    • PSA voorplat

      Public sector achievement in 36 countries


      A comparative assessment of inputs, outputs and outcomes. The report is the third edition in this series. The results presented are intended to serve as input for the Dutch Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2016. The report should be of interest to anyone with a broad interest in the public sector and public policy fro...

    • Surveying Ethnic minorities voorplat

      Surveying ethnic minorities


      The impact of survey design on data quality. The relationship between the survey design and the quality of the survey data is the central focus of this book. With regard to data quality, the emphasis is on two aspects of data quality that seem to be the most relevant in this context: accuracy and comparability.

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