International Projects

Why international?

The Netherlands Institute for Social Research ¦ SCP is involved in research at European and international level in a number of fields. There are several reasons for this.

Blurring borders

International trends are just that - international - and by definition do not stop at national borders. As a consequence, things such as international terrorism, rising or falling oil prices and the credit crisis have major consequences for the everyday lives of Dutch people.

EU policy

A great deal of social and cultural policy is today developed at EU level, and this also affects the lives of the Dutch.

Frame of reference

Trends in other countries can serve as a frame of reference for the Netherlands and/or help provide a clearer insight into the Dutch situation.

Scientific community

Looking beyond the national borders is important if SCP staff are to keep up with developments in the world scientific community.

European projects and comparative studies

SCP participates in the following European projects and comparative studies:

International networks

SCP staff are affiliated to numerous international networks, including:

International databases

SCP researchers use data on countries outside the Netherlands in several publications. The following list contains links to frequently used international databases:


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