Campen, van, Cretien

Dr. C. (Cretien) van Campen
Chief Scientific Strategist
Research interests: quality of life, health and happiness, demand for care, the elderly, people with disabilities
+31 6 1513 4043
E-mail: c.van.campen (at) scp.nl


Cretien van Campen studied Psychology, with the subsidiaries Cultural Studies and Philosophy, at the universities of Nijmegen and Utrecht. He obtained his doctorate at the Art History department in Utrecht. He worked as a researcher in the field of quality of life and care at the Netherlands institute for health services research (NIVEL), Maastricht University and the university VU Amsterdam, and as an associate lecturer in Innovation with Older People at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. He has worked for the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) since 1998 and is member of numerous advisory boards and research committees.

Course of life and quality of life

Cretien carries out research on quality of life and course of life in several domains of life. Starting from the perspective of the individual, his research is concerned with which aspects of life contribute to happiness in older people. In addition to the contribution made by health and care, his research focuses on the combined impact of learning, working, participation and society on people’s course of life. He has published a number of respected books, reports and articles on these topics, both nationally and internationally. He is much in demand as a speaker and regularly contributes to the public debate on issues relating to the ageing population.

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Cretien van Campen

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