Campen, van, Cretien

Dr. C. (Cretien) van Campen
Chief Scientific Strategist
Research interests: quality of life, health and happiness, demand for care, the elderly, people with disabilities
+31 6 1513 4043
E-mail: c.van.campen (at) scp.nl


Cretien van Campen is a researcher in the social science and the fine arts. He is known for his studies on perceived quality of life, and in particular the way in which people with health problems perceive their life situation in terms of health and social care services.

At the Netherlands Institute for Social Research¦ SCP he has published a series of research reports on the quality of life and participation of the frail elderly and persons with physical disabilities.

His actual interests are in the field of elderly policy and well-being. He is currently engaged in two research programmes: First, he has been conducting a national study of the frail elderly from a policy perspective and is actually engaged in international studies into frailty and policies for the well-being of older people. Secondly, he is developing a research programme focusing on the psychosocial competences of vulnerable persons in the research field of positive psychology.

Since 2013 he is also affiliated as extraordinary senior lecturer Applied Gerontology at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.

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Cretien van Campen

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