Hybrid Governance

The impact of the nonprofit sector in the Netherlands

Hybrid Governance
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Peter L. Hupe Lucas Meijs Marianne Vorthoren (ass.)
Publication date
30 October 2000
environment, housing, education, voluntary work
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Does nonprofit make a difference? That is one of the central questions in the Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project being carried out by Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. Research in the Netherlands is being carried out by the Netherlands Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) and associates. In this report, researchers from Erasmus University Rotterdam present their findings on the impact of the nonprofit sector in the Netherlands.

Three fields in particular are investigated: primary education, social housing and environmental affairs. Nonprofit organisations played an important part in the initial development of all three fields. Over the years, however, the distinctions between nonprofit, for-profit and governmental organisations within the same field have become increasingly blurred. In an attempt to characterise the mixed forms that have developed, and that appear to be an essential feature of the Dutch state and society in general, the term hybrid governance is introduced.