Report on the Elderly 1998

Report on the elderly 1998
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M.M.Y. de Klerk J.M. Timmermans
Publication date
01 March 2000
elderly, living circumstances, social participation, minority groups
Number of pages

Report on the Elderly 1998 describes various aspects of the living circumstances of the elderly: the labour market position, financial situation, housing circumstances, health and uptake of health care. Extensive attention is also devoted to the scale and consequences of psychiatric disorders such as depression and dementia. Social participation is also an important aspect. The extent to which the elderly remain active in (for example) voluntary work or informal help is identified, as well as the obstacles they experience. Finally attention is paid to the elderly among minority groups. Their housing situation, health and uptake of care are compared with that of indigenous elderly people.

Report on the Elderly 1998 is the fourth in the series of reports on the elderly produced by the Social and Cultural Planning Office at the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

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