Report on the Elderly 2001

Changes in living situation

Report on the elderly 2001
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M.M.Y. de Klerk J.M. Timmermans
Publication date
27 December 2001
The Elderly, Care
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(Full translation from the Dutch: Rapportage Ouderen 2001)
Report on the Elderly 2001 presents an overview of the position of the elderly in Dutch society. The central themes of the Report are participation in education and the labour market, financial status, housing situation, health, participation in physical exercise, take-up of services and care provisions, and use of computers. Elderly members of ethnic minorities and residents of residential care homes and nursing homes are also included.

This Report shows that the majority of elderly people living in the Netherlands are doing well. The social participation of elderly people increased in several areas during the 1990s: their participation in the labour market increased and their financial status improved. Nevertheless, there are some areas where additional policy measures are called for. The policy on the elderly needs to focus above all on elderly persons with severe health problems and on those with low socio-economic status.

Report on the Elderly 2001 is the fifth in the series published by the Social and Cultural Planning Office (SCP) at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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