The nonprofit sector in the Netherlands

Working document 70

The nonprofit sector in The Netherlands
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Ary Burger Paul Dekker
Publication date
15 April 2001
nonprofit sector, civil society
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This paper aims to provide an analytical description of the nonprofit sector in the Netherlands. We will review its historical and legal background, examine its treatment and definition, and chart the sector's contributions to the Dutch economy and society.

This working paper is the first version of the Dutch contribution to a final international comparative publication about the second phase of the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project (working title: 'Civil Society in the Advanced Democracies').
This publication may take a while and could require a more concise presentation of national results. For this reason SCP is publishing this text at the same time as the concluding Dutch publication 'Noch markt, noch staat'.

This publication cannot be ordered, only downloaded.

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