The Social State of the Netherlands


Social State Netherlands summary
pdf, 731kB
Theo Roes (ed.)
Publication date
01 September 2004
social participation, political participation, mobility, crime, housing, residential setting, life situation index, political opinions, social situation
Number of pages

This publication contains an abridged version of The Social State of the Netherlands 2003 (De Sociale Staat van Nederland 2003), published by the Social and Cultural Planning Office of the Netherlands (SCP). It presents a description and analysis in broad outline of the life situation of the Dutch population and of specific population groups using key figures on aspects such as education, employment, income, health care, leisure time use, social participation, safety and housing. These descriptions include the opinions of citizens themselves. SCP also presents the Life Situation Index; this is a measure which provides an overall picture of the social situation in the Netherlands. Finally, this edition includes a report and analysis of public opinion on politics and the government.

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