Market Place Europe

Fifty years of public opinion and market integration in the European Union

Market Place Europe
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Paul Dekker Albert van der Horst Henk Kox Arjan Lejour Bas Straathof Peter Tammes Charlotte Wennekers
Publication date
17 July 2007
EU, European Union, public opinion, market integration
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Each year, the European Outlook is prepared jointly by the SCP and CPB for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This year the Dutch version was published on Europe Day, 9 May, instead of on Budget Day (Prinsjesdag), on which European Outlooks were published until now as an annex to the State of the European Union.

The first part discusses the public opinion on the European Union in the Netherlands and the other member states, and the attention European integration has received in Dutch newspapers in the past fifty years. In the second part, the development of the internal market in the same period is discussed, as well as the perspectives for further economic integration.