Out in the Netherlands

A study into the acceptance of homosexuality in the Netherlands

Out in the Netherlands
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Saskia Keuzenkamp David Bos
Publication date
13 September 2007
homosexuality, attitudes, gays, lesbians
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The Netherlands is generally regarded as a gay-friendly country. It was the first country in the world where partners of the same sex were allowed to marry. Any number of famous Dutch figures openly profess their homosexuality, including one of the ministers in the present  Dutch cabinet. And according to international comparative research, homosexuality is widely accepted in Dutch public opinion. However, hostility towards homosexuality also occurs, for example in schools. And gays and lesbians are not infrequently insulted or even physically assaulted in the streets.
At the request of the Dutch government a study was carried out into the acceptance of homosexuality in the Netherlands. The study describes the present attitudes of the Dutch population as well as trends in the past, and gives a brief history of homosexuality in the Netherlands. It is based on opinion research, interviews with gays and lesbians and an analysis of Internet forums containing discussions on homosexuality.

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