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Summaries of 16 SCP research projects in 2008

The Netherlands Institute for Research
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24 March 2009
social research, research projects, statistics
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The Netherlands Institute for Social Research supplies central government with information on the Dutch welfare state. For more than 30 years, the SCP has been charting developments in the daily lives of the Dutch population: work, income, health, education, social security, housing, culture, how they spend their time and their opinions on a whole range of subjects. The SCP also shows how government policy does or could influence these aspects.
Each year, SCP publishes around fifty reports. This book contains extensive summaries of a selection of sixteen recent publications which provide a good impression of the kind of research carried out by SCP and the many social themes that SCP covers in its research projects.
This book offers the reader a varied cross-section of summaries of our research projects in areas such as the daily life of ethnic minorities, school dropout, monitoring elderly policy, part-time working in the Netherlands, the presumed and actual effects of social safety policy, trends and problems regarding informal caregiving, governance in primary and secondary education, public interest in cultural websites, and many more topics.

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