The minimum agreed upon

Consensual budget standards for the Netherlands (Unabridged translation of 'Genoeg om van te leven')

The minimum agreed upon
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Stella Hoff Corinne van Gaalen Arjan Soede Albert Luten Cok Vrooman Sanne Lamers
Publication date
15 February 2010
poverty, minimum standards, budgets
Number of pages
978 90 377 0472 3

What does the concept of poverty mean? What kind of shelter, diet, clothing, participation and recreation does one need in order not to be poor? And what monthly budget is currently required to afford these necessities in the Netherlands? Four focus groups met several times to discuss such issues at length. Each group developed a common point of view that was elaborated in detailed consensual budgets for various types of household: single men of different ages; a couple without children; a single mother with two children; and a couple with three children. This publication outlines the main stances and budgets that emerged from the discussions. As it is the first time the 'consensual budget standards method' has been applied in the Netherlands,  the report also discusses the merits of the approach for poverty research and budget counselling.

In collaboration with the National Institute for Family Finance Information

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