Appendix A Data Used

Countries compared on public performance. A study of public sector performance in 28 countries. Jedid-Jah Jonker (ed.) The Netherlands Institute for Social Research | SCP, The Hague, May 2012

Data Used

CBS StatLine: 2011 (Statistics Netherlands)

CIA The World Factbook: 2011

Eurobarometer:  67 (2007), 72.3 (2009)

European Social Survey: 2008
ESS Round 4: European Social Survey Round 4 Data (2008). Data file: Norwegian Social Science Data Services, Norway - Data Archive and distributor of ESS data

European Sourcebook: Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics 2011

European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions: EU-SILC 2008

European Values Study: EVS 2005, 2008

Eurostat: Government Statistics 2011, Public Health 2011

Global Insight: Business Risk and Conditions 2009 (excel sheet)

IMF World Economic Outlook Database: WEO 2011

International Crime Victims Survey: EU ICS1996, 2000, 2004-2005

International IDEA: Voter Turnout 2011

OECD Better Life Index: 2011

OECD Factbook: 2010

OECD Programme for International Student Assessment: PISA 2003,  2006, 2009

OECD Statistics: Consumer Prices May 2011, Health Care Resources 2011, Health Care Utilisation 2011, Health Data 2011, Health Expenditure and Financing 2011, International Migration Database 2011, Labour Force Statistics 2011, Long-Term Care Resources and Utilisation 2011, Main Economic Indicators 2011, National Accounts 2011, Road injury accidents 2011

Political Risk Services: International Country Risk Guide 2009 (excel sheet)

SCP Database Public Sector: DPS 2011 (in Dutch)

Solt - Standardized World Income Inequality Database: 2011

Transparency International - Corruption Perceptions Index: CPI 2009

US Census Bureau - International Data Base: IDB 2011

World Justice Project - Rule of Law Index: 2009