(Un)healthy lifestyles

Education as a dividing line

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Stéfanie Andre (RU) Gerbert Kraaykamp (RU) Roza Meuleman (RU)
Publication date
22 October 2018
978 90 377 0897 4

Original title: "Een (on)gezonde leefstijl"

(Un)healthy lifestyles. Education as a dividing line is a digital report (‘card stack’) that consists of several standalone chapters. It studies educational differences in six health related behaviors in Europe (smoking, drinking alcohol regularly, being overweight, consuming vegetables, consuming fruit, engaging in sufficient physical activity) with an emphasis on the Netherlands. Differences in individual behavior, the accumulation of multiple (un)healthy behaviors, the role of social context (e.g. the neighborhood where people live, the educational level of parents and partners) and the national context (in a comparison of educational differences in European countries) are discussed. The card stack is based on information from the 7th round of the European Social Survey (ESS) which was conducted in 2014/2015. This publication, written by Stéfanie André, Gerbert Kraaykamp en Roza Meuleman (all affiliated to the Radboud University Nijmegen), describes both health risk factors and health promoting behavior. Educational differences in both of these aspects are discussed under the heading (un)healthy lifestyles.

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