Youth with Disabilities

Youth with Disabilities.
pdf, 93kB
S.E. Kooiker (ed.)
Publication date
28 March 2006
disability, children, integration, participation

Original title: Jeugd met beperkingen.

Taking part in society in an ordinary way is not self-evident for children and young people with a physical or intellectual disability. They often encounter more obstacles in going to school, finding a job and in their leisure time than other people of their own age. Maintaining social contacts also often takes more effort. This report looks at these topics and homes in on the following questions: How many children and young people have a physical disability? How do young people with disabilities experience their relationships with their parents and friends? What kind of educational and employment provisions are available for young people with disabilities and what is their own experience of those provisions? What do children and young people with disabilities do in their leisure time as regards sport, going out and hobbies, and are there differences compared with other young people?

A number of young people with disabilities express their own views in this report. In addition, the existing literature on young people with disabilities is brought together, and use is also made of the databases of the Netherlands Institute for Social Research/SCP and Statistics Netherlands (CBS).
The Report on the Disabled was published at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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