A countryside for all Dutch people

How the Dutch view and use the countryside

A countryside for all Dutch people
pdf, 52kB
Anja Steenbekkers Carola Simon Lotte Vermeij Willem-Jan Spreeuwers
Publication date
20 October 2008

Original title: Het platteland van alle Nederlanders.

The Dutch countryside is changing rapidly. Recreation and nature development are gaining importance alongside traditional functions such as farming and providing a place to live. The Dutch government expresses its policy for a vital countryside under the motto 'The countryside is for all Dutch people.'
This publication explores the question of how the Dutch view and experience the countryside. How important is the countryside for living and recreation? How do people see the development and future of the countryside? Are there any differences in the way town-dwellers and rural dwellers view and appreciate the countryside?
It is found that there is a range of perceptions of the countryside within the Dutch population and that people's needs differ, as do their recreational activities and housing aspirations. The greater the diversity of landscapes, natural environments, residential settings and recreational activities, the better the countryside will function as a countryside for all Dutch people.

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