Youth care: a growing future?

Overview of actual demand for youth care services in the period 2001-2011 and forecast demand in the period 2011-2017

Groeit de jeugdzorg door summary
pdf, 63kB
Klarita Sadiraj Michiel Ras Lisa Putman Jedid-Jah Jonker
Publication date
29 November 2013
Number of pages
978 90 377 0677 2

Original title: Groeit de jeugdzorg door?

The provision of care to young people in the Netherlands with developmental problems and/or problems at home is rather fragmented. As a result, there is no clear picture of how much care these young people need. This report provides the first overview of demand for youth care services. This picture is very important, because from 2015, Dutch municipalities will be responsible for the provision of all care for children from birth to age 17, as well as for their carers.
The report describes the demand for various youth care services in the period 2001-2011. It also describes the growth in overall youth care services in that period. Finally, it provides an indication of the future development in demand for individual youth care services and youth care as a whole in the period up to and including 2017.


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