Annual Integration Report 2013

Labour market position of migrant groups in times of economic recession

pdf, 534kB
Jaco Dagevos Willem Huijnk and Mérove Gijsberts
Publication date
11 March 2014
978 90 377 0697 0

Original title: Jaarrapport integratie 2013

The theme of the Annual Integration Report 2013 (Jaarrapport integratie 2013) is the participation of migrants on the labour market. The economic downturn is hitting the labour market hard. What does this mean for the labour market and income position of migrants? Using a variety of indicators, we paint the most up-to-date picture possible of the position of migrant groups on the Dutch labour market, with specific attention for young people and women.
The study shows that unemployment has risen sharply and that the gap between migrants and Dutch natives has widened.

The Annual Integration Report 2013. Participation of migrants on the labour market (Jaarrapport integratie 2013.Participatie van migranten op de arbeidsmarkt) was compiled at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. In addition to staff from SCP, researchers from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) also collaborated on this publication.

Willem Huijnk, Mérove Gijsberts and Jaco Dagevos are employed at the Netherlands Institute for Social Research¦SCP. Their research interests focus on the integration of migrant groups in the Netherlands.

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