Growing older in the Netherlands

This magazine highlights the relationship between older people and their residential environment

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Redactie: Lotte Vermeij (SCP) Radboud Engbersen (Platform31)
Publication date
23 June 2017
Number of pages
978 90 377 0835 6

Original title: Oud worden in Nederland

The number of frail older persons in the Netherlands is increasing. As a growing number of these older people are now living independently with less professional support, the neighbourhood in which they live is becoming increasingly important for their quality of life. Many older persons have relationships in their residential setting which go back a very long way, and make use of public amenities and services in their neighbourhood, while a growing number of neighbourhoods have volunteer initiatives for older people. These are ways in which neighbourhoods can make a positive contribution to the lives of older residents. In a collection of articles, this magazine highlights the importance of neighbourhoods and villages for older persons living independently in the community from a variety of perspectives. The aim of this magazine is to provide a palpable impression of how much older individuals and the places where people grow old differ from each other, and how complex it is to devise specific policy measures which meet this wide diversity of circumstances and needs.

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