Summary - Trends in Media:Time

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Joep Schaper Jos de Haan Annemarie Wennekers
Publication date
19 December 2019
978 90 377 0934 6

Original title: Trends in Media:Tijd

In the study Trends in Media:Time, SCP presents the results of research into time spent on media activities. This digital publication focuses on how much time the Dutch spend watching television and video each day, listening to the radio and music, reading and communicating, and what differences in these patterns can be observed between different sections of the population. This is illustrated throughout with interactive figures. This publication also looks at differences in the ownership of media equipment. We draw on three measurement points from the Media:Time survey to explore changes in media use between 2013 and 2018 and the extent to which there was a shift from old to new media over that period.

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